Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cemetery Without Crosses

Ive really become a big Spaghetti Western fan lately. Ive always liked the genre, but i never really searched out titles until recently. Until the last several years or so its pretty much been the Leone films. But the more i dig into Italian genre films the more i find myself falling in love with the Spaghetti west.

Cemetery Without Crosses always seems to pop up on most peoples top 20 lists of favorite Spaghetti Westerns, so naturally ive been on the lookout for it. And after seeing it i can see why so many people hail it as an essential.

Cemetery Without Crosses is a French-Italian co-production. Released in 1969 and directed by Robert Hossein. Hossein also stars in the film as the expert gunman Manuel. Manuel is hired by a former lover to avenge the death of her husband, who was also his best friend.

I forgot i started this post! I put it aside to edit it and now its been a month or so..and i forgot. Oh well. Next up is my list of the best of 09.