Friday, June 4, 2010

The Cry Of A Prostitute!

Ive been really in the mood for the good ol' Italian crime film lately and this little sleazy gem hit the spot! Cry of a Prostitute is known by two other titles...Quelli che contano (Italy) and Guns of the Big Shots (European english title) Released in 1974, this film is a full throttle sleaze experience!!
Directed by Andrea Bianch, famous for the horribly fun cult classic Burial Ground- Night Of Terror. The opening scene with the dead body of a young child being used to transport Heroin is kinda cringe inducing. But the body looks like a mannaquin from an old hardly offends.
Henry Silva always delivers a tough as nails performance. Babrbra Bouchet's sex scene with Silva is something to be seen! He shoves her head into a gutted pig carcass as he nails her from behind. And the sleaze doesnt stop there! But what else would you expect from a director whose most famous film involves a man-child-thing having an insestous relationship with his mother and biting her nipple off when he becomes zombified!
This is a very violent film! Practically no one survives. The story is reminiscent of Yojimbo. Silva arrives in town and gets between two waring families. Of course hes got his own agenda! Bianchi actually makes great due with the beautiful mountain village and country side. Who knew he had an eye for such things.
The sleaze factor and the very brutal violence is this Polizioteschi's saving grace!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Polizioteschi fun with The Stunt Squad!

La Polizia E' Sconfitta or as its known in most English markets Stunt Squad is an 1977 entry in the Polizioteschi genre. Directed by Domenico Paolello, mostly known for his entries in the Peplum and Pirate genre's.
First i would say this to anybody looking to get into this genre, theres films other than this one I would start with. But to those who love the genre and are familiar with it i would tell them this is a solid entry! The violence is bloody, the chases are fun and the dialogue is at times awful. These three elements make for a really fun hour and a half viewing.
An Inspector Grifi sets up a special unit, a "Stunt Squad", to combat the criminals who are strong arming and murdering local buisness owners who are refusing protection from the rackets. This is hardly an original premise but the film does rise above the by the numbers plot to deliver a fast paced and very violent film. The scenes with the Sqaud training is truly hilarious with out trying to be. As we see commandoes riding motorcycles, practicing sharpshooting and hand to hand combat all in the cofines of a a very small mountain area. Its great...two men are practicing hand to hand as motorcycles are landing their jumps feet from them. Other men are practicing their aim on wooden targets as these same motorcyle maverics are jumping and landing just feet from these snipers. It really is all too funny.

With the unitentional occasional laugh, Stunt Squad is still a very fast paced and violent film. The main villian is Valli, a tough S.O.B. who shoots and blows-up anyone or anything that happens to get in his way. And god help it if you double cross this Dago. He will have you beaten, castrated and then he will take mercy on you by unloading his pistol in to your pathetic carcass. Valli, played by Vittorio Mezzogiorno, is a pretty fun villian. Theres a great scene involving a raid on his hidout were Valli becomes pretty resourceful with small explosives. It becomes a great footchase through a decrepit old building.

I guess from what little research ive done this is a rare and mostly unknown film. But with the recent rise in Polizioteschi popularity iam sure this will be a film re-discovered. Its a good one and its sporting a really cool Stelvio Cipriani score!