Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day Of Anger (1967)

Strong character development, the relationship between the two main leads and cool sets drive this violent spaghetti western. Giuliano Gemma plays what is basicaly the village idiot. He keeps the town clean by sweeping the streets and emptying the shit buckets and best of all he rides a mule named Sartana. With the exeption of a few, no one in town respects him and they are constantly bullying him. Lee Van Cleef plays an aging gunslinger who rides into town one day and befreinds the young kid. When he meets Cleefs hard nosed gunslinger he sees the chance to become what hes always dreamed of being. A badass. This is a well told western were the only complaint i have is the guy who dubbed Giuliano Gemma. Its an obnoxious voice. But that is no fault of the films.Its a damn good movie with lots of violent shootouts. Although Cleefs character is the most sympathetic to Gemmes, he is still a dangerous man. Riz Ortalani's cool surfy western score kicks ass. The best peice of music being a different take on the main theme as the end credits roll. Essential veiwing for spaghetti western fans!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

THe Wolfman 2010

Jeez, were to begin with this one. I guess i gotta say that this isnt a bad film at all. In fact if the projectionist at my theatre did his job right with the correct aspect ratio I probably would have been in a better frame of mind. But when you see the tops of the actors heads missing, i had a hard time getting there. I couldnt stop thinking about it especially after i complained and Mongo did nothing about it.

The Wolfman is pure Gothic horror. Its a beautiful looking movie. Its heavy with atmosphere and gothic style. Del Toro did a fine job contrary to what people are saying. He was doing Lon Caney Jr. He looked like him and he had the desperate quality Chaney Jr. had in the original

Emily Blunt was good but her character seemd kinda there. And thats one of the many flaws of this film. And they are all minor enough that i wouldn't not recommed this film. I would in fact recommed it, i would just be open to the fact that this is a good film with lots of flaws. The films real flaw seems to be the goreand the directors approach to the gore. Now dont get me wrong, Iam no prude. I come from the school of Fulci and Lenzi. And i think this film has every right to be gory. Its just that many of the scenes are amature. Quick cuts of alot people getting fucked up in a cartoonish manner. And this happens alot! There was no suspence to go with the violence. I wanted to be afraid of the Wolfman and at what he was going to do, not amused by what he does. The film seems to dwell more of getting as much violence on the screen and less about solid story telling.

But its still a fun time. Rick Bakers make-up is tops! I love the classic look he gave Del Toro. Hugo Weaving is the suprise element of the film. Hes great and brings alot to the film. This is a fast paced gory horror film with lots of violence and unfortunalty these are its flaws. This sounds odd i know. But still its a damn fun time if you dont have a retard projectionist! Thanks Mongo

Friday, February 12, 2010

Video's added

I recently went through this blog and added videos to my previous post were i thought neccassery.