Monday, March 7, 2011

A Serbian Film!

Well I am sure this is making a big buzz every were. Truthfully i had never read or heard a thing about this up till about two months ago. And at that; all i heard is that it is fucked up. Nothing more. And then a couple weeks ago a buddy of mine who has shown me more unpleasant shit in my life time, more than anyone else, told me just enough to peak my interests. If he tells me, "its the most fucked up film he's ever seen and it crosses the line" than i had to see it!
Well i can honestly say it is indeed the most fucked up film I've ever watched. This is seriously one of those rare films were you do ACTUALLY have to keep repeating its only a movie...its only a movie.
The first thing while watching A Serbian Film is that right away its apparent that the film is in talented hands. This isn't some August Underground lack of talent bullshit. This is a well made and shot movie. The acting is least from what i can tell seeing is its in Serbian.
The story goes like this, an out of work former Serbian porn actor is offered a job in a new cutting edge film that calls upon his "talents. He is now retired from the jousting biz and is trying to provide for his family whom he loves. When the opportunity comes in the promise of being wealth, enough to live comfortably the rest of his life, he takes it. But there are a couple things he has abide by. One being he cant see the shooting script or know what the film is about. And from there the film becomes one of the most brutal films ever. This isn't your typical torture porn horror film. This film breaks the remaining taboos that no one has ever touched...and for good reason.
At first i thought of this film as nothing more that a shock fest bent upon becoming notorious for no reason other than its shocking subject matter. I hated it after first watching it. I was repulsed, uncomfortable and truthfully sick. Its the same feeling i got from watching one of those decapitation videos that are so prevalent on the net these days. And like those video's this film sticks with you! I really dont know were i stand on this film as of now other than knowing i will probably never see it again. But i got me thinking and any film that gets the brain working over time, deserves some credit. Beware. This isnt just some hyperbole, this is strong stuff!