Friday, May 28, 2010

Revolver (1973)

Revolver is an impressive Poliziotteschi! From its beatiful and haunting opening with Fabio Testi burying his only friend in a shallow grave over the opening credits to the jaw dropping climax. Sergio Sollima fills every frame with gorgeous detail from the many locations chosen...Milan Italy, Paris and the French Alps. Sollima is a masterful director. His Milan at night, blanketed in fog, looks like something out of a gothic horror movie.

Unlike most Poliziotteschi's Revolvers story line is never gratuitous in its twists and complex story lines. The film makes sense! Which is a hard feat given the intricate story line. Reed plays a prison warden who must let an inmate escape, played by Testi, in order for Reed to get his kidnapped wife back. Once Reed has broken Testi out the two must band together to figure out who wants Testi and get Reeds wife back. The once character element that really drives this film is theres no straight line between good and bad. Reed is driven by his love for his wife and Testi is a thief with a heart.

Not only does it have all of that stuff going for it, its also got Oliver Reed and Fabio Testi guaranteeing strong performances! Two of my all time favorite actors doing a "buddy" film! Reeds intensity is incredible. He is entirly believable in his role. And Fabio Testi keeps up with him the whole way! This was great stuff and essential viewing for Poliziotteschi lovers.