Sunday, August 30, 2009

Threads: as real as it gets!

Made fro British television in the early eighties during the Nuclear scare film boom, this is seriously one of the scariest films ive ever seen in my life. It will punch you in your gut then ass rape you while your down! Very well made account of what would happen in the event of a global holocaust. This film goes beyond what one could imagine. And ends with no hope what so ever. I imagine the way this movie plays out is what really would happen. This IS the best and most realistic nuclear survival film ever made. Itll stick with you and depress the hell out of you!
Its a rather hard to find film unless you live in the UK were it can be found on DVD. Or if you live else were and own a region free player or you still have the trusted VHS player ( it was available here on VHS) Its worth tracking down and being put through the hell this film puts you through.

Man Pride And Vengence!

Incredibly well made Spaghetti western from the director of highly stylish Giallo The 5th Cord, Luigi Bazzoni . Man, Pride & Vengence is not your typical Spaghetti western. For one thing it doesnt even take place in the states. It takes place in Spain. This is a tragic love story first and a western second. Tina Aumont plays a Gypsy whos charm even casts a spell on the viewer.
Franco Nero is a soldier who like the viewer falls for the seductive Aumont. Well photographed, great cast and a seriously cool score from Carlo Rustichelli. Also staring the ever reliable Klaus Kinski. This is a seriously damn fine film.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Before the Emerald Jungle, there was The Naked Prey!

I love survival films! The ones were the characters are stranded in the middle of nowere and they have to find theyre way to civilization. The Naked Prey is one of the best examples of this type of film. I watched it blindly with out any prior knowledge of what it was really about. Its freaking great. Cornel Wilde gives a tour-de-force performance as the "man"
there are some seriously disturbing images in The Naked Prey. One man gets covered in red clay, then baked over a fire by a tribe of cannibals! Theres also an amazing scene involving natives going inside and out of an Elephants carcass!! Like a big wet drippy meat tent! And i think it was a real Elephant carcass. Theres quite alot of Mondo footage here too. This is a great survival film. One were the hunted is respected by the hunters and vice versa. Cornel Wilde is a damn fine director. Shot on location, this one comes highly recomended!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Those Inglorious Basterds!

From a technical standpoint Inglorious Basterds is quite possibly Tarantinos masterpiece. Just the opening sequence alone solidifies this fact. Yes the man has studied the masters and injects his own unique charm into it. Basterds is Tarantino at his best. Wether or not i feel this is my favorite of his films, ive yet to determine. I acknowledge that Pulp Fiction is his masterpiece and is the film he will always be identified with. But Jackie Brown has been my personal favorite. And I dont think this is the hype talking because I wasnt sure what to expect from this other than being entertained. But Basterds may own it? A second veiwing will determine this for me.
Its damn near fucking flawless. No matter what little bits of random negative shit you hear from others, It tells its story perfectly. And Tarantinos ear for true movie scores only adds to the fun. I was having a blast picking out those cues of music from all types of shit. From poliziotteschi (Revolver) to spaghetti westerns (Death Rides A Horse) Tarantino knows that even if he had an original score for his films, they would in no way match the ultra coolness of the Euro Scores of the past! I read one reviewers comments on the Bowie song being out of place...fuck him.He should go hang himself and listen to his favorite Danny Ellfman score while he does it.
There is not one person in this that doesnt deliver.Christopher Waltz puts in a chilling performance. And of all people Mike Myers is fucking AWSOME! I almost wished there was more of him. Pitts Aldo Raine is like a cross between Sling Blades Carl and John Wayne. Truly halarious

Sunday, August 16, 2009

About this blog

Iam not the most proficient writer around. But i hope as this blog continues my writting will improve. And hopefully someone will read this little site and find something here they can find of use.

Street Law

Street Law starts out with a total fucking bang. Crime runs rampant in the streets of Rome were we see people being shot, mugged, dragged behind motorcycles. Theres a bank heist. Were we see monks, woman and average Joes being pistol whipped and beaten. Franco Nero happens to be one of those "Joes" and when the police dont bother to handle the situation that almost left him dead, he takes matters into his own hands.

Street Law is a gritty Poliziotteschi. One of the best of its kind. Director Enzo G. Castellari injects this film with alot of gritty action. The De'Angelis Brothers score is terrific and after the film youll be singing "Driving All Around...Looking For Someone..." Its a kick ass tune thats hard to get out of your head.
This film was basically my first introduction into the Poliziotteschi genre. It still stands as one of my favorites in a long list of great Italian crime thrillers.