Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Survival Of The Dead?

Survival Of The Dead is Romero's first direct sequel to Diary Of The Dead. This is his first dead film to have a continuing character. In Survival its the S.W.A.T. guy who robbed the RV in Diary. He was one of the few interesting characters from Diary. And unlike Diary, this has more than its share of Romero moments thats been sadly missing from his last two films. But before it sounds like Iam stroking this film off...which i wont, this is a flawed film with its fair share of cringe inducing moments. Namely the Sam Raimi-esque comedy. Why Romero went this route is beyond me. Its unnessasary and truthfully none of it even manage to pull a giggle from me. It works for Sam, not George. Even worse than that is the CGI special effects. Its not just applied to gunshots here it even creeps into most of the graphic violence. And it looked awful! The very first major effect of the film is so horrible, ive seen better computer animation from an Atari 2500!

This one seriously suffers from low low budget production values. Its feels like a made for Sci-fi channel film most of the time. Survival skips the whole political reflection of the times and to be honest i was pretty happy with that. Diary is way too in your face that shit. In the old days Romero was able to artisticaly make his message more subtle. Maybe he's realized this or maybe there was one and i was too stupid to see it? Either way i thank god for it.
On with the strong points. Survival has a really fun story and the setting is totaly unique to the Romero universe. Survival is more of an adventure film than the others. And i can see what he was trying to do with the story of the rival clans on the island, but it kinda came off poorly upon my first veiwing. I know i was bitching about the CGI gore but there is a decent amount of the rubber stuff. And some of the feeding scenes were more in line with the trademark Romero's trademarke style than Land Or Diary ever had.
Survival is by no means a total peice of shit. Its way better than the atrocious Diary of The Dead!! The more i catch pieces of Diary on cable the more i loath it. The acting is much better than Diary but at the same time its Sci-Fi channel acting. This one is truley a mixed bag. Its like a good solid shit that doesnt need much wipe up. Time and repeated veiwing might do the film more justice?